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CSU Calls on Capilano University to Work with Students Affected by the 2013/14 Program Cuts


CSU Calls on Capilano University to Work with Students Affected by the 2013/14 Program Cuts

NORTH VANCOUVER April 22, 2014The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) is concerned about the amount of support being offered to students affected by the 2013/14 program cuts. 

In April 2013, Capilano University announced program cuts due to underfunding. According to the Capilano University Senate and Board of Governors, this was the best option to produce a balanced budget as required under the University Act. In accordance with the university’s Teaching Out Suspended or Discontinued Programs policy, affected students are to be given the opportunity to complete their programs so that the quality of their education would not be affected. A statement on the university’s website reads: 

“The university adheres to this policy which includes the provision that Capilano will offer the required courses for students up to the year they would have normally completed those courses PLUS one additional year. Appropriate substitute courses may replace previously required courses after consultation with the program area and the Registrar's Office. These substitutions may take place at another post-secondary institution. Credit will be applied toward their Capilano credential.

While advocating on behalf of its members, the CSU has made several attempts to arrange a meeting with university administration, academic advisors, and students in order to get clarification of the university’s responsibility, how they planned on assisting affected students, and adherence to their own teach-out policy. Meetings during this process have continuously been re-scheduled, and a meeting with all students and university administration will not take place until April 30. This leaves students confused about their future studies at a very critical time of the academic year.

The CSU has received conflicting information from the affected students and the university, causing concern. The CSU supports members’ right to accessible, high-quality education, and are confident that Capilano University shares that sentiment. In the interests of Capilano students, accessible education, and the university’s reputation, it is essential that this situation be dealt with in a fair, timely, and responsible manner. The CSU urges the university to work with these students by providing all the support and information available on April 30 and to work with these students to minimize the aftermath of what has been a very disappointing situation.


For more information please contact:
Brittany Barnes, Educational Issues Coordinator
Capilano Students’ Union
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